Professor Hilt Tatum

Professor Hilt Tatum DDS
GDC number: 71581
Consultant and Advisor

Professor Tatum has more than 38 years of clinical and academic experience in Oral Implantology. He has led the development of contemporary dental implantology by originating and popularising procedures such as bone expansion (1970), autogenous bone grafting (1971), sinus lift (1974) and sinus graft (1975).

He has pioneered predictable techniques for bone enhancement by a combination of bone expansion and closed interpositional segmental osteotomies thereby avoiding unpredictable onlay bone grafting techniques. His innovative approach avoids unnecessary complications related to bone grafting procedures and associated costs.

He designed the first titanium root form system in the world to be given FDA marketing approval. He is well known for his excellent presentations and has delivered more than 2000 lectures in many countries. He was the Chief of Oral Surgery and subsequently the Director of the Implant Residency Programme (1990-1995) at Edward White Hospital in Florida.